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Eros Veneziano in Venice

I have to insist to say that Venice is a Magic city

I have always loved to dedicate part of my free time taking landscape photos and I done it with Eros Veneziano.

I found my greatest inspiration in Venice where I took photos at dawn, early morning and late in the evening, always when there are less people around.

It was a September day, after a tiring day of work, when one of the most famous Venetian artists, Eros Veneziano, contacted me to ask me for a collaboration as a model for an important Venice magazine “LIFE and PEOPLE” of which he took care of himself the graphic aspect.

At first glance I was very struck by this: it have always been one of my wishes.

The artist had already taken photos of other models to advertise the MAGAZINE using some princely style clothes created by famous designers, including those of a dear friend Paola Bruschi.

After an illustrative chat, I discovered that Eros was not only concerned with photos but also with everything related to Venetian art (themed paintings, creation of masks, organization of the famous Carnival) in short, a perfect artist!

However, I was not the only one to be impressed, but Eros Veneziano also particularly admired my oriental features, my particular style between elegant and naturally sensual and my deep and expressive look so much to call me “LA SFINGE”.

He had already painted paintings inspired by models of oriental women but now he had found one in the flesh, so he did not hesitate to ask me if I felt like becoming his “INSPIRATION MUSE”.

A date was immediately set for the first meeting in Venice.

Unfortunately the artist became ill, he was very worried about his state of health but this was not an impediment for that day in fact he came to Venice despite being very ill and although other unforeseen events occurred because the clothes of the designer that I was supposed to wear were already busy for a fashion show ..

Everything seemed to be rowing against… but after staying at the hotel… (awakening from a dream) Eros and I dedicated ourselves continuously taking pictures both indoors and outdoors, some glamorous style shots and other fashion and beauty styles.
I brought out the best in me, feeling completely at ease: as you can see I am also a good photographer

The best photos and videos have been taken near the Church of La Salute and on the tip of the Dogana with clothes worn by me signed by London Look ..

After the magic the homecoming… it seemed the time had stopped !!

I am so happy to tell you that you can see the FULL VIDEO of me in Venice in email when you click the button here. It is wonderful to share with you all my emotions that I feel in Venice…

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