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My Magic Venice

Venice is a Magic city

Every time I come back to Venice, it always seems the first time and it’s like coming back to dreaming… I have the feeling of going back in time and feeling the protagonist of an enchanted fairy tale.
That day I was wearing a long antique pink dress, a Vamp style hat and big black glasses, many people stopped me on the streets (named Calle in Venetian) admiring my style and asking me to take some pictures together, some really funny, almost like if they spotted a DIVA.

I am so happy to tell you that you can see the FULL VIDEO of me in Venice in email when you click the button here. You will feel the Romance…

These photos were taken by a very dear friend of mine, a non-professional, with whom I shared an important spiritual journey, in fact we participated in the Holy Mass celebrated in the Church (Basilica dei Frari)… and it was beautiful, the Word of the day was just for US.

It was romantic, fun and really exciting to wander through all the narrow streets of Venice and finally stop at the strategic point near the Dogana, shortly after the wonderful Chiesa della Salute.
We were always surrounded by huge cruise ships in Venice and we took pictures with amazing smiles… I even sat next to the gondolas and ate a red apple, really poetic !!
It was a wonderful day that I will never forget, as I will never forget the God-incidence (Dioincenza in Italian) that happened. Yes, when we arrived at the Venice rail Station, Saint Lucia seemed to be waiting for us at the station upon arrival… so many signs besides the extreme magic of the place…

Suarez model Curvy Venice Santa Lucia

Venice, and someone else probably, helps me to find my inner light

When we did exit form the Basilica dei Frari (Church), we started to make pictures on the bridge in front of the Basilica and I felt a wonderful light inside of myself.
I think that you can spot this light on my face…

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